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Jan. 2

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Destruction in Gaza (Hannibal Hanschke photo via EPA and Shutterstock, Oct. 29, 2023).

U.S. Supreme Court

More On Trump Battles, Crimes, Claims, Allies

Justice Department Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, left, and former President Donald Trump, shown in a collage via CNN.

More On U.S. National Politics, Governance

U.S. 2024 Presidential Race

More On Israel’s War With Hamas

Israeli army troops are seen near the GazaStrip board in southern Israelon Sunday, Dec. 24, 2023. The army is battling Palestinian militaynts across Gaza in the war ignited by HaHmas' Oct. 7 attack in to Israel (AP photo by Ariel Schalit).

Global Disputes, Disasters, Human Rights

U.S. Military, Security, Intelligence, Foreign Policy


GOP Attacks, Impeachment Inquiry Against Bidens

lev parnas ivanka jared kushner

U.S. Immigration / Illegal Alien Crisis

ICE logo

More On Ukraine-Russian War, Russian Leadership

More On U.S. Courts, Crime, Guns, Civil Rights, Immigration

Newly seated New York Councilman Yusef Salaam, sworn into office on Jan. 1, 2024, is shown under arresst in a 1990 New York Times photo by James Estrin).990

Climate Change, Environment, Energy, Transportation

climate change photo

U.S. Economy, Jobs, Poverty, High Tech

U.S. Abortion, Family Planning, #MeToo

Pandemics, Public Health, Privacy

U.S. Education, Sports, Religion, Media, High Tech, Free Speech, Culture

Top Stories

Destruction in Gaza (Hannibal Hanschke photo via EPA and Shutterstock, Oct. 29, 2023).

Destruction in Gaza (Hannibal Hanschke photo via EPA and Shutterstock, Oct. 29, 2023).

ny times logoNew York Times, Half of Gazans Are at Risk of Starving, U.N. Warns, Liam Stack, Gaya Gupta and Abu Bakr Bashir, Jan. 2, 2024 (print ed.). More than 90 percent of Palestinians in the territory say they have regularly gone without food for a whole day, according to the United Nations. Walaa Zaiter’s four children have been hungry for weeks, but she can barely find them food.

palestinian flagThey ask for sandwiches, fruit juice and homemade Palestinian dishes like she used to cook before the war began. In a fleeting moment of internet access, she said, she once caught the children huddled around her phone to watch a YouTube video of someone eating French fries.

The most they can hope for these days, she said in a recent telephone interview, is a can of peas, some cheese and an energy bar distributed as a family’s rations by the United Nations once a week in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza where they fled to in early December to escape Israeli bombardment farther north.… Read the rest

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