Eagle View clients include thought-leaders in both business and politics, both domestic and International. Clients and the scope of engagement are largely confidential.  In general, the work involves strategies to enhance the branding, popularity and/or investment potential of worthy leaders and organizations that have not yet reached their full potential. Founder Andrew Kreig and others on the team draw on extensive experience in the United States and global to provide effective solutions.

Recent projects:

The Washington, DC-based Assassination Archives and Record Center (AARC) retained Eagle View Capital Strategies to provide strategic counsel and support for the nation’s leading conference in 2014 focused on the historic 50th anniversary of the Warren Commission report in 1964 on the assassination of President Kennedy. The conference was held between Sept. 25 to 28 at the Bethesda Hyatt Regency Hotel to convene experts from around the world. Eagle View  arranged for C-SPAN coverage of multiple sessions, helping preserve for a nationwide audience the conference’s significant disclosures.

Separately, Eagle View has been retained to expand international understanding of the business opportunities available in Nigeria — especially if congruent with fair national elections and other manifestations of the rule of law necessary to instill confidence for investors and the public in Africa’s most populous, educated and resource-rich nation.

To advance that goal, we undertook both public and private meetings with opinion leaders in business and government. Among them was a highly successful conference for investors and entrepreneurs in the high-tech sector, held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Our

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Nigerian Business & Investment SummitMarine Le Pen convened entrepreneurs and potential investors from as far as Los Angeles, Minnesota and New York to network on opportunities, and celebrate with Nigeria’s impressive Diaspora in the United States Nigeria’s past and future as a continental and global leader.

Similarly, Eagle View arranged a high-impact Washington agenda for French Presidential candidate and National Front leader Marine Le Pen in cooperation with her supporters. She is shown at right with her adviser Guido Lombardi, left, and Eagle View’s Kreig shortly before her success speech at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Eagle View works often with many authors, artists and reformers, often on   a pro bono basis, to advance public understanding of vital social issues, especially involving cutting-edge topics to secure such rights as due process in the legal system.

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